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Make a valid registration for access to OpenAI models and add a valid API key to the GPT Interface.

Work in a flexible, fast, and convenient way

Forecast price
Automatically calculate the volume of tokens and get a forecast price for your correspondence.
Attach important messages
Attach the correspondences that are important to you at the beginning of the discussion.
New topics
Add an unlimited number of new topics and switch to them whenever necessary.
Share easily
Share correspondences that are interesting to your acquaintances via a link or on social networks.
Voice input
Use your browser’s voice input capabilities for your questions.
Voice reading
Listen to the answers you receive through voice. Enable automatic voice discussion.
Quick copy
Copy questions or answers with one click. Especially convenient for mobile devices.
Convenient print
Print important messages on paper or in PDF format – any question, answer, or entire correspondence.

Created to change your way of working and communicating

How GPT Interface Works

Innovative interface for interacting with artificial intelligence models

In the world of technological innovations, we present to you the GPT Interface – an intuitive and efficient interface for communicating with artificial intelligence models. Combining the functionalities of Playground and ChatGPT, this interface is designed to help you harness the power of artificial intelligence in a new and different way.

With GPT Interface, you can interact with artificial intelligence models in a way that is intuitive and simultaneously very efficient. It gives you the opportunity to ask questions, receive answers, and conduct dialogue with artificial intelligence models that are trained on a variety of topics and areas of knowledge.

GPT Interface offers various functionalities that allow you to manage the context of your communication. You can include the topic title, system message, and up to 5 selected correspondences from the discussion in the context.

The interface gives you a cost estimate for each request before it is sent, you have the opportunity to set a token limit on the response, set temperature and top_p. The interface offers an archive of all correspondences on the topic, a separate report on the costs for each topic for different periods and time slices.

In addition, GPT Interface allows you to switch to different models during a discussion, use the full capacity of the model’s token limit, and make settings that allow you to choose which functionalities to see and use – there are over 20 options.

The GPT Interface developed by us is designed to work with OpenAI models. Discover new possibilities and change the way you work and communicate with them.


Switching between models

During a discussion, you can switch to different models.

Using the full capacity of the token limit

Optimize your interaction with the model by using the maximum number of tokens.

Cost estimate for each request

See how much each request will cost you before you send it.

Expense reports

Receive detailed reports on the costs for each topic with different time periods and slices.

Archive of all correspondences

All your discussions are stored and can be reviewed and used at any time.

Interface personalization

Choose which functionalities to see and use – there are over 20 options.
With GPT Interface you have full control over the direction of the discussion and its costs.

Prices and plans

It is important to keep in mind

The prices of GPT Interface access packages do not include the cost of API requests to OpenAI. In order to fully utilize the services of the GPT Interface, it is necessary to have a valid API key to access the OpenAI models.

You can try the functionality of GPT Interface completely free of charge for a period of seven days. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the interface for communication with OpenAI models?
The interface for communication with OpenAI models is a tool that allows users to interact directly with OpenAI models. This includes the ability to ask questions, receive answers, and use the models for various tasks, such as generating text, translating languages, creating summaries, and many others.
How can I use the interface for communication with OpenAI models?
To use the interface, you first need to register in the GPT Interface. You need to have access to OpenAI’s API. Then you can use the provided functions and services to communicate with the models. You can ask questions, get answers, and use the models for various tasks.
What is the accuracy of OpenAI models?
The accuracy of OpenAI models varies depending on the specific task and model being used. OpenAI is constantly working on improving its models and strives to provide the most accurate and useful results for users.
I purchased a "Plan 31" subscription at the beginning of February. When will the subscription expire?
Your subscription will expire 31 days after the purchase date, regardless of whether the month is 28, 29, 30, or 31 days, and regardless of which day of the month you made your subscription, you will be able to fully use the services for a period of 31 days, up to the hour we received confirmation of successful payment.
If I have an active subscription for GPT Interface, but I don't have access to OpenAI's API, how will this affect me?
If you have an active subscription for GPT Interface but do not have access to OpenAI’s API, you will still have full access to all the functionalities of GPT Interface, but you will not have available models in the list to communicate with. Only the pseudo model ITIK will be at your disposal, which can save your queries, but does not have the ability to generate responses.
Which and what kind of models are included in the list of models?

The list of models includes all models that are associated with your API and you have allowed them to be included in the list from your settings. For different services, you will only see the models that meet the technical requirements of the service. For example, in the list of models for the “Chat” service, models for image processing will not be included.

Do you charge additional fees and/or taxes on the indicated prices?
No, the payment request generated is for the exact amount indicated. It is possible that your card issuer may charge fees in accordance with the terms you agreed upon when the card was issued.
Do you charge VAT and issue a VAT invoice?

No, IT Galaxy Ltd, the operator of the site, charges 0% VAT in accordance with the requirements of Art.113, para.9 in relation to Art.97a, para.1 of the VAT Act Bulgaria, EU.

The prices are announced in euros, but the payment is in BGN. At what rate is the payment made?
The payment is made at a fixed rate of 1 EUR = 1.95583 BGN, according to Art. 29, para. 2 of the Law on the Bulgarian National Bank, Art. 12 of the Currency Law and according to Regulation (EC) No 2866/98 of the Council of 31.12.1998 on the exchange rates to the euro of the currencies of the Member States adopting the euro.
What does the forecast price of the request mean?
The price of a correspondence (question-answer) is determined by the number of tokens multiplied by the price for 1000 tokens that each model has. When sending your inquiry, you have set a limit on the response, but this does not mean that it will be filled by the model (the limit only sets a restriction for maximum response), i.e. at the time of sending your request, we do not know what the final volume of the correspondence will be, but we can assume what its maximum volume could be. That’s why this is a forecast price, and once the response is received, a final price can be calculated, which is also recorded in the statistics.
What does the context of the request mean?
The context of the request is the information that the OpenAI model uses to understand and process your question or request. This may include previous questions and answers, information about the current session, or other data that helps the model form a suitable response. The context is important because it helps the model understand not only the request itself, but also its context, which leads to more accurate and relevant responses.
How is the context composed?
The context in the GPT Interface can be composed of the topic name, the system message, and up to five selected correspondences from the topic.
How can it be determined which correspondences to include in the context?
You can determine how many correspondences you want to include by using the slider on the right side of the screen. By default, the latest correspondences will be included, but you can rearrange their order by pinning them with the pin. You can also exclude correspondences from the context by marking them with the 🙁 icon.
If the pin icon adds correspondence to the context, and 🙁 excludes it, then what does the 🙂 icon do?
The 🙂 icon does not directly affect the context of the conversation. It is used to mark certain messages that you consider important or interesting. This way, you can find them more easily in the future by using a filter for “smiley” messages.
Why is the microphone icon not active and I don't have a button to listen to the answer?
If you do not see the microphone icon or the listen button, this may mean that your browser does not support voice-to-text or text-to-voice conversion features. Please check your browser’s specifications or try with another browser.
If I delete a topic, what happens to the correspondences in the topic?
When a topic is deleted, all correspondences on the topic will also be deleted. This cannot be undone. The expenses made on the topic will be included in the expenses of “deleted topics”. The final balance will not be changed.
What does Calibration mean?
Calibration is a process where the system “learns” how to determine the number of tokens in the text you input. This is important because different types of texts (for example, literary text compared to programming code) can have a different number of tokens for the same number of characters. When you press the calibration button, the system “adapts” to the type of input text and dynamically calculates the number of tokens.
What is the "Response Creativity" setting for?
The “Response Creativity” or “Temperature” setting controls the degree of predictability of the responses generated by the model. A higher value leads to more random responses, while a lower value makes the responses more predictable and consistent.
What is the purpose of the "Response Colorfulness" setting?
The “Response Colorfulness” or “top_p” setting controls the diversity of the responses generated by the model. A higher value leads to greater diversity, while a lower value limits the output to more likely predictions.
What is the function of the "Voice Machine"?

The “Voice Machine” is a feature that automates the process of converting voice to text and text to voice, if your browser supports these functions. When you activate this option, you can dictate your questions verbally, which are automatically converted into text. After receiving a response, it is read out loud. When the reading is finished, the interface automatically returns to voice-to-text mode, allowing you to dictate the next question.

There are also several predefined commands to facilitate dictation:

“point” – places a point, followed by a space and a capital letter for the next word;

“comma” – places a comma, followed by a space;

“New line” – moves to a new line with a capital letter for the first word;

“Jerry stop” – stops the recording of text;

“Jerry record” – restarts the recording of text if it has been stopped;

“Jerry send” or “Geronimo” – sends the entered text to the model.

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